It is time to go GREEN

At Stones Events we love flowers at a wedding. Up until now, the occasion just would not be considered fully dressed without endless bouquets of flowers embellishing every corner of the room from the tables to aisle walkways, chair backs… the list is endless.

However, we might have to shift our stance because as of late, it seems that a major trend of 2017 is the incorporation of predominantly greenery into décor schemes. Brides are going green in their approach to table decorations, stationary, adorning arches and even entire walls!

Foliage is the new flower, with garlands of myrtle, cascades of eucalyptus and swags of fern. Decorating with leaves, vines and other greenery is not only on-trend and eye-catching, it is more budget friendly since greens tend to be much more affordable than fresh flowers (positives all round then!)

Since ‘Greenery’ has been named Colour of the Year for 2017 by Pantone, this trend should really be of no shock to us. Incorporating greenery into your décor will add a fresh, natural, clean look to your wedding, perfect for any Spring or Summer occasions coming up! Based on its embodying of new beginnings and manifesting as a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring”, Greenery encapsulates the notion to breathe, reinvigorate and appreciate the great outdoors (even MORE perfect if you are looking at an event in a marquee structure.)

Whether floral or non-floral, green centrepieces make for a natural and lush décor at any type of wedding so this is definitely a colour and style we should all be paying attention to.



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